First Photos of the Wacom Intuos4

My new Intuos4 has arrived!  I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but here are the first photos.  It’s really, really pretty.















The first thing I noticed was that the new tablet is thinner and lighter than my old tablet. It also has LED displays next to the buttons that tell you what each button does, these can be customized. I couldn’t get a good picture of the LED displays, but it looks very cool. I love that feature because with my old tablet I am always forgetting what the buttons do. I also like the design of the pen base. The bottom comes off and it holds the extra nibs (pictured above). It comes with 11 nibs total (one on the pen and ten in the base). There are color coded washer like things that you can put on the pen. I’m guessing the idea is that you use different colors with different nibs so you don’t forget which nib you are using.


  1. how does it feel? I read somewhere that it was like brushed metal, and that the pens themselves had the feeling of being a real brush. Does it come close to this?

  2. Great pics more more more!

    It looks like the USB cable is detachable now as well? Fantastic.

  3. The feel is very good. The pen is solid. It still has the rubberized grip, it’s not brshed metal. I use one of the felt tipped nibs and it feels and sounds like a marker.

    Andrew, yeah the USB cable is detachable and it has to different ports so you can use it with either your right or left hand.

  4. Where’s the cord? Tell me it’s cordless!!!

  5. Alas, it is not cordless. Unlike the old version, the cord is separate. It has two ports so it can be used by right or left handed users.

  6. I’m on the process of buying a wacom tablet now I guess I have to wait for this one to come out in the market.

  7. Ooh tres kewl! Thanx for sharing your experiences, ThatPoshGirl — I see it’s not available yet at Amazon, so where did you acquire your Intuos4? I came here from Engadget. Thanks in advance for the info. :)

  8. looks lush. definitely need to get my hands on one. how much we looking at for a4 and WHEN!!

  9. doesnt’ seem to be good for left handed people

  10. It’s great for lefties. When you install the software you tell it you are left handed and then just flip the tablet.

  11. It’s great for lefties. When you install the software you tell it you are left handed and then just flip the tablet.

  12. Sweet idea putting the nibs in the base! I guess this is the first Wacom to use that idea?
    Now I need to locate my extra nibs so I can keep them where I’ll actually find them instead of under one of these piles of rubbish.

  13. The design is very clever and pretty~~I really wanna have one too~~

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