DecalGirl Skin Review

What can I say? I like pink. When I saw the pink Acer Aspire One I wanted one immediately. Not only would it be really convenient for school, but it would also be totally cute. There was just one problem, by the time I had the money together the pink one was sold out everywhere. So, do I wait for them to get it in stock, or do I settle and buy one that isn’t pink. Fortunately the folks over at DecalGirl made the decisions very easy.

DecalGirl offers a wide range of “skins” for electronics devices. Their selection includes everything from iPhone to XBox skins and more, including skins for the Acer Aspire One. Rather than wait for the pink netbook to come in stock, I decided to try out a decalgirl skin, and I’m glad I did. The selection available for the Acer Aspire One is fantastic, including several options in, you guessed it, pink. I finally went with the “Her Absraction” skin for both my Acer Aspire One and my Kindle (mine is version 1, but decalgirl also offers skins for version 2).

IMG_1875I’m very happy with the DecalGirl skin. It is made of high quality vinyl, and has “channels” to allow for application without air bubbles. These channels really work, too. My skin went on with ease without any air bubbles, and I’m definitely the kind of person who always ends up with air bubbles. It looks great. The high gloss makes it easy to clean, and it looks like it was always there. Best of all, if I get tired of the design I can just remove the skin and apply another one.

If you are planning on applying one of these awesome skins, here are a couple of tips:

1. Clean off your device with a little rubbing alcohol before you start. This will get rid of any dirt or oils that may keep the skin from adhering correctly.
2. Keep some toothpicks or something similar at your side. Some of the skins have a lot of little laser cutouts that don’t always pop right out. A toothpick will make short work of those little bits of vinyl that may otherwise be difficult to remove.
3. Have fun! The skins are removable, so don’t stress about the design. If you change your mind you can always remove the skin and apply a new one.

DecalGirl isn’t the only game in town, so you may see a design you like somewhere else. If you decide to go with a different skin make sure to check that it is vinyl. Many of the skins on the market are just stickers. The problem with these is that they will be difficult to remove and over time will fade out. If you want something that is going to last, continue to look good, and come off easy, you must invest in a good quality vinyl skin.



  • Edward Virtually commented on April 16, 2009

    Is there a page on the decalgirl site about that “appearance by” button below your (very nice) pic of your decalgirl’d laptop? i’d add it to my pics of my ds.

  • ThatPoshGirl commented on April 16, 2009

    The button is an affiliate thingy. At the bottom of their left hand sidebar there is a link to sign up as an affiliate.

  • Ernie commented on June 22, 2009

    You better hope your skin is good when it arrives. Mine was damaged. They did NOT refund shipping, nor did they pay return shipping! A complete ripoff.

  • Lucy commented on March 20, 2012

    Not bad. My last device got a small tear in the skin but good overall. Great if you order ‘off the sheld’. But s l o w response to emails so you need to get busy and call direct.

    Nice designs but sometimes you wonder why they arrange them the way they do (lots of cut off) for some designs.

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