FURminator: Holy Crap!

A great big wad of hair pulled off by the FURminator

A great big wad of hair pulled off by the FURminator

So, I wasn’t really planning on doing a Furminator review, but then I used it and had to share. This thing is simply amazing. I’ve used a couple of different grooming tools on my cat, George, including the Shed Ender, and have never found anything to have any real “wow” factor. Then I ordered the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats from Amazon and… wow!

George has medium length hair, is a compulsive groomer, and has a lot of problems with hairballs. The FURminator
pulled off so much hair I think I can make another cat out of it. The best thing is that George seemed to really like it. George likes to sit on my lap, but he does not like being held. When I was using the FURminator on him he kept trying to turn around to play with it. So I held him close to me while I did it and he didn’t fight at all. The is really amazing. He was just purring away with his tongue hanging out. He even left me lift him up and comb his belly.

Time will tell if this helps his hairball problem. I’m really hopeful. I’m going to use the FURminator on him for a couple of days in a row to get as much undercoat off as possible. Then I will try to get into a regular routine, combing him out every other week or so.

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  • Torley commented on April 7, 2009

    I recently got one of these from Amazon (was cheaper than at a local pet supplies store) and my big black cat Sushi (who sez HYTHAR to George) likes it when he’s in the right mood. It feels like a very nice texture to rake it across his back when he’s all stretched out, too.

    That looks like a lot of hair for a medium hair.

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