Neutrogena Skin I.D. review

I’m a long-time sufferer of acne. I used to have good success with ProActive, but ended up developing an allergy to it. I don’t know if they changed the formula, or if my sensitive skin had just had enough, but now I am back to looking for something to clear up my skin.

I saw the ad for the Neutrogena Skin Id kit and decided to give it a try. I was drawn in by the claims that it would be a customized kit. I thought that was a good idea, so I wanted to check it out. I went to the website and answered a series of questions. At the end it offered me Foaming Face Cleanser, a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, and “The Hydrator.”

The products seemed to make sense. I have sensitive skin and I live in the high desert. I was especially interested in “The Hydrator,” which I assumed was a water-based moisturizer. So, I ordered the kit and waited about a week for it to come.

My first disappointment was when I took a look at “The Hydrator.” It wasn’t a moisturizer at all. In fact, it was a 2% salicylic acid treatment with a “may cause excessive dryness” warning. I was also disappointed to see that the foaming cleanser only used .5% salicylic acid. That’s a pretty weak acne treatment. But I still wanted to give it a fair chance.

I used the Neutrogena Skin id kit twice a day for a month. After about a week I also started using my Clarisonic Skin Care Brush with it. When I began using it I had four large cysts on my neck, and a couple of smaller blemishes on my face. After a couple of weeks I still had the cysts on my neck, and a couple of smaller blemishes on my face. I didn’t seem to be getting new blemishes, but the old ones were not going anywhere. A couple of weeks after that the cysts on my neck seemed to finally be clearing up, and the blemishes on my face were mostly gone.

I wasn’t particularly impressed at this point. I appreciated that I wasn’t getting new blemishes, but the products were not helping with the old ones at all. Then I had to send my Clarisonic back for a recall. That’s when I became REALLY disappointed with the Neutrogena. Two days after I stopped using the Clarisonic with the Neutrogena I broke out all over my face quite painfully. I realized then that the Neutrogena Skin iD kit had not been doing anything at all for me. The minimal progress I had seen was because I had started using the Clarisonic.

So, I am done with the Neutrogena Skin iD. I gave it a fair shot and it did not help at all. Yesteray I started with Murad, so we will see how that goes. I can tell you that after just one day it already seems to be doing more than the Neutrogena.


  • Kate commented on May 1, 2009

    Did you ever get a new Clarisonic?

  • ThatPoshGirl commented on May 1, 2009

    Yes! The new one came last night. The exchange was actually quite timely, but even a few days without it has turned out to be horrible. I started using it again last night and hopefully I can get my acne back under control quickly.

  • Quit Neutrogena commented on May 29, 2009

    I started using SkinID and my face broke out for over a week! I thought maybe it was just getting the impurities out, but it continued for days so I stopped using it. I wasnt too upset…sometimes things work better for other people. What got my blood boiling is that I was charged again for the product and when I called their customer service, they were rude and refused to reverse the charges even though I had not even received the product. I will NEVER!! use any Neutrogena product again.

  • Laura commented on May 30, 2009

    I totally agree with Quit Neutrogena.
    I don’t really have severe acne but I do break out from time to time. I ordered it and it worked for me. But, today I looked at my bank account and saw that I had been charged again for the product. I called customer service and their defense is a small unnoticeable note written on the order conformation page telling about an auto-refill after two months. I think that is absolutely ridiculous! I was livid and still am. I WILL NEVER use another Neutrogena product.

  • Donna commented on June 2, 2009

    I also bought Neutrogena but for my son who is 15. It does not work for him either. Today when I saw the auto pay out of my bank account I also called the customer service number and was told that I could not get a refund even if I sent the product back. As Laura said they told me about their small note written on the confirmation page. I told them I did not see it because I would never have agreed to that. They were rude to me also and told me too bad. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told there was no one available and then they let me speak to someone that I don’t think was really a supervisor and told me too bad also. I then ask to speak to her supervisor and was told she wasn’t available she was at lunch…This was at 10 AM. I didn’t think anyone went to lunch that early? I ask the “supervisor” why would I want to auto refill when I didn’t even know if it would work for my son? And why should I pay for a product that I wasn’t going to use? I ask her how to send back and get a refund. She told me I could send it back but I wouldn’t get a refund. This is a total scam to get money from the consumer that just is trying to get a product that works. If they are a company that is concerned for the consumer then they should make their disclaimer larger and more legible. I am also extremely angry and will never buy Neutrogena again even if it turned out that the product truly worked.

  • ThatPoshGirl commented on June 2, 2009

    Thanks for reminding me to cancel. It was a lot like canceling AOL. The woman kept trying to talk me into other products and claiming that it didn’t work because the seasons changed, etc. I finally got her to cancel and saved my confirmation number.

    One thing I noticed on my confirmation email was that is said if you cancel less than five days before you are scheduled to auto renew you will still get billed. So people should really be careful about that.

    To those of you who have been billed for this and don’t want it, call you banks and see if you can reverse the charges.

  • turtlegirl commented on June 2, 2009

    I am glad that I saw all of your postings because I was about to go take the Neutrogena test and my husband had been saying I should try it. After hearing all of your stories I don’t believe that I will even take the test. Thanks for saving me the trouble! By the way, How is Murad working out for you?? I have had trouble with acne since high school and have suffered with adult acne for ten years and I have never found anything that cleared it up completely. I tried Proactiv, but I think my skin was too sensitive because my whole face just burned and itched and I had to stop it. I did try Avon products for a while and I thought that they were ok. Right now I am using Aveeno. I like it, but my acne is still not cleared up. How frustrating!

  • ThatPoshGirl commented on June 2, 2009

    Hey, Murad was awful. It seemed like it was working for a couple of days and then my skin went crazy. I had little white bumps all over and huge pimples on my forehead and cheeks, which are areas I don’t usually have problems with. I’ve ordered some Aubrey Organics Vegecol stuff (I think that is what it is called). It is especially for sensitive skin and is made from all natural organic ingredients. I’ve used Aubrey’s stuff before, so I have high expectations.

  • Gherdez commented on June 7, 2009

    Hello everyone,

    While reading an article about some skin product reviews, I learned about Neutrogena Skin ID, and this forum. While looking at some of your comments, I noticed your dissatisfaction with some of Neutrogena, and some other acne treatment products. Its has been a few years since acne stopped being a problem for me, and like you all, tried a number of different skin care products only to be disappointed. Maybe, it is time to explore other options, because skin products only deal with the problem superficially. Acne, zits, and blemishes are the result of hormones (due to your age), what you eat, and HOW LONG it remains in your intestines (a small detail that is SO overlooked by ALL skin care products). A few years ago a doctor specialized in internal medicine that I went to see for unrelated issue told me: “you can pretty much, reasonably, eat whatever you want provided that you can get rid of it as quickly as possible. The longer food remains in your intestines the greater the chance that fat will get on your blood stream, ultimate causing weight gain, acne, etc.” The logic behind this statement is simple, but it is a “skill” took me years to really understand it, and seriously effectively apply it. Lessons learned: What comes in needs to come out as soon as possible (this needs to be a priority like eating lunch). In today’s society does not give enough importance to allow people to this sort of “personal” time. While in high school teachers don’t like to let students out class, when in college the schedule is hectic between classes (and maybe working part time), later on while at work, one is locked on a schedule, working many hours, or facing some sort of stress (that only compounds the problem). Working out works out great, however, it can get you used to higher caloric intake. This is detrimental, if for some reason, you discontinue your calorie-burning activity, since it may translate in gaining a few pounds. To avoid this issue, I have adopted some healthy habits, and use some other products like Metamucil regularly, and Dulcolax somewhat regularly to counteract some occasional not-so-healthy, fatty indulgences. This has helped me to maintain an ideal weight, and reduce the acne problem to a minor zit every once in a while.

    After all this you may think that I am not using any skin products at all, but that is not true, I use some other Neutrogena products that have worked for me pretty well, such as their sunscreens, aftershave, hands cream and some their exfoliator creams. For this last category, I can also recommend Gojo (pumice hand cleaner) that is excellent at cleaning clogged face pores, and at $9 and some change per gallon, it is cheap enough to use in other body areas without fear of running out.

    I no longer throw away money on acne treatment products to mitigate the problem on the surface, unless your dermatologist is giving you a prescription. For me, the time, money, and effort to keep up with some of this cumbersome acne treatment products routines, is better spent on products that help you deal with the MAIN cause of the problem in the first place, and by doing so, helping out other areas as well, such as maintaining a healthy weight, and an improved energy level.

  • jessica commented on June 29, 2009

    I had my mom order it about a year ago for me, and it worked for a while, but it irritated my skin, so i started using it only once a day. But that was around fall, and in OK its Very windy and dry that time of year so my face was dry. Now its summer and my face is oily and i spend more time in the sun so i retook the evaulation and only one of the numbers were the same. I’m going to order it to see if it helps because it still works, just not as well as it used too.

  • AggieChick10 commented on June 29, 2009

    I agree with ThatPoshGirl, I ordered Murad because I had a few break outs here and there and it seemed to work for about a week or two. Then I got more break outs on my skin that I have ever had in my whole lifetime combined! This was the so called “purging” phase….it lasted for about 5 weeks and I gave up on the product. It has been like 3 months since that happened and I am still trying to get rid of this stuff on my face, they look like hives all over my cheeks and forehead! DO NOT BUY MURAD! It is absolutely awful!!!!

  • Jasey commented on July 4, 2009

    “Is Neutrogena Skin iD the real deal?” Many ask this question.
    It seems that since it’s specially personalized, it’s ought to work, right?

    While it is true that different skin types work better with different regimens, Neutrogena Skin iD is really no different than many other acne treatments.

    My mother has been an excellent pediatrician for over 20 years. When I became interested in Neutrogena Skin iD, I asked her first to review the products that had been selected for me. It turns out that the active ingredients in each product (in other words, the only ingredient that works in battling acne) was already present in all of my current acne products!

    I can’t say that I have spent more than $20 on all my current acne products together. As my mother said, “Why spend forty dollars on something that people already have or can easily buy for half that price?”

    I am very sure that Neutrogena Skin iD works. I encourage all to go along and take the test. However, I don’t recommend purchasing your personalized regimen unless you don’t mind parting with more cash than you necessarily need to. Note the active ingredients in your personalized Neutrogena Skin iD products and possibly head down to the skincare aisle in Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc. See if you can’t find cleansers, anti-acne products, and moisturizers with the same amounts of those active ingredients.

    I hope this helped. I wish everyone the best of luck on their way to clearer skin!

    Love, Jasey”

  • ANA commented on October 30, 2009

    I also tried using Neutrogena Skin iD and must say that I was very disappointed when I was still constantly breaking out and had very dry skin. I thought maybe I had to give it a few months to see some difference but that wasn’t the case at all. I was really pissed when I realize it was doing more than just drying my skin. I am an hispanic woman and have darker skin, after using this producet for about 4 months I noticed that my skin was about 2 shades lighter than it was when I started using it! I also noticed that when I would get some of the facewash on a dark towel for if something fell on the rug in my bathroom it would look like I dropped bleach on it! Needless to say I cancelled my futures orders and will NEVER use it again!

  • Lily commented on December 28, 2009

    Thanks for very good tips about the skinid thing. My acne situation is not that bad, so I’m not gonna waste my time and monny on it. :)
    Also, I want to warn you all about the “intestine cleansing”. Please do not use Metamucil or Dulcolax with out your doctor’s prescription. Actually, try not to use LAXATIVES at all, unless you are really constantly constipated! Regular, unnecesary use of those products will mess up your body’s natural ability, and, by the way, laxatives are quiet adictive. So, if you have some trouble in that department or want to clean up your body, try drink plenty of water (first thing in the morning) and eat fruits (apples and prunes are great), and do not forget about regular exercising.
    Good luck everybody!

  • All Natural commented on January 21, 2010

    Hey all,
    Just chiming in because I saw the ID commercial. I wasn’t really interested in buying it just curious if it worked or not.

    I don’t have acne, but I did have occasional breakout, mostly when Aunt Flo came around. I had tried several OTC products as well as pRoactiv and nothing seemed to work.trying to dig deep and figure out the cause of my breakouts I remembered that a few years a go I went on a cleansing diet and cut out sugars and carbs from my diet. The diet was TORTURE (I looove food) but I remembered how beautiful my skin was!! I couldn’t continue the diet and when I started eating normally the breakouts came back.

    Shortly after, not really related to skin, I went looking for a multivitamin and also found some cheap supplements on sale (grapeseed extract, vit c, biotin…) all and decided to give them a shot because they supported skin health in 1 way or another. After about 2wks of taking the pills, my skin began to clear up again!!

    To make a long story short I now watch my sugar and carb intake (moslty drink water, veggies, brown or basmati ric instead of white…). I also take my supplements (vit c, b complex, biotin, grapeseed extract, lysine, flaxseed…ect) for skin health.

    I don’t take each one everyday but ill take 4 or 5 randomly. Its worked fine for me and I encourage all of you that suffer with acne to try an intenal approach. U could probably find a hair/skin/ nail vit or even a prenatl vitamin to combat the acne

    But I do believe what u eat come out 1 way or another…and the skin is one route of escape

  • Anonymous commented on January 24, 2010

    I am soo glad that my mother read these before we ordered Neutrogena. I was all excited to actually be getting something that would work. I kept reminding her to order it but she always forgot. So the other night, i went to my friends house for a sleepover and i told my mom to order it while i was at her house. The next morning i called her and asked and she told me she read a bunch of reviews about how BAD Neutrogena was. She told me that when she picked me she would take me to Macys and we would get some acne products from Clinique since she had been using Clinique since she was a teenager and said it always worked well for her. So she picked me up and took me to Macys. Before we went i was thinking oh brother this is just great i bet it wont even work and that Neutrogena stuff doesnt even work, i’m screwed. BUT, when we got there we talked to one of the ladies at the counter. She sat me down and put some of there clarifying makeup on that apparently cleans and freshens your skin while you wear it. She dabbed some on my cheek and blended it all in. i was surprised and in my mind i was thinking, maybe this WILL work. I was gettting kind of excited now so my mom bought the acne solutions kit which includes 3 steps, 1: cleansing foam, 2: clarifying lotion, and 3: oil-free clearing moisturizer. She also got the clarifying makeup and an acne solutions post blemish formula. I got home and quickly took a shower. I was soo excited to use it. After i got out, i did the 3 steps and put the post blemish formula on including the clarifying makeup. I was going out that night and wanted to look good. I was immediately surprised by the difference in my skin. All of my red bumps and blemishes were already reduced sooo much and the makeup looked natural and really covered it up. I was sooooo happy after that and that was only the first day. I really recommend anyone to use Clinique acne solutions products because they have been really really really really affective for me.

  • Christine4361 commented on September 28, 2010

    The product didnt work for my daughter… that doesnt mean it’s a bad product. The problem I had was getting a hold of customer service to cancel it. I kept trying several times and would get busy signals which a customer service rep there named Kirbi said no one had complained about that but me. She cancelled the subscription and would not give me credit for a shipment I just received even after I offered to ship back…. she basically said I could but it was a waste of my time. She was trying to get me upset so she could hang up on me. She wouldnt let you finish a sentence… very rude! I will never buy a product from that company again. Don’t auto pay for any product with this company… you wont be able to reach them to cancel and they will call you a liar… try to get you irate so they can hang up on you and they will not credit you.

  • Dana commented on August 25, 2011

    To all the people saying they got charged twice… it says it on the main page. You get an introduction pack (which is two months of medication) but you are charged half the first month and half the second month. I’m finding it hard to believe that you people are in charge of children and are able to leave your houses when you can’t even fully read what you are paying for. I can’t stop laughing.

  • Miriam commented on September 23, 2011

    I was about to order the Skin ID “test” as there was some deal on in this week.
    But then looking at the ingredients…I already have those things at home and peroxide products bother my skin when I go in the sun.

    Also that I like a foaming cleanser most of the time,and already have a non-acne cream cleanser I like.
    I can’t use a harsh cleanser all the time or my skin gets very dry.

    The products I like best so far that work for me are.

    Mario Badescu drying mask- it is sulfur and clay.
    Badescu buffering lotion-liquid that dries out blemishes-if you use it too much it reall really dries yous kin,so follow the directions
    Badescu whitening mask-ok not for blemishes,but really helps fade blemish marks. also smells nice like berries a bit (overpiced though…but a must have for me).

    -if you do not want to wait for Badescu samples, you can always order a small item (lip balm or shower gel..whatever) and they send samples you chose with your order.
    but also if you buy something and put in a note or call,you can get more samples- I’ve had at least a dozen samples in one order. the samples are good for a few uses.
    now I never ask for more than 4 samples when I buy as I already have the items I like from that line.

    -I like the seaweed cleanser also,but it is not for blemished skin, also seaweed night cream as it has no oil and moistuizes well.

    Another company I like is PSF skincare, they have a 2% and 5% salicilic acid solution and it works very well!
    -it seems more “liquidy” that what you get at the store,but it absorbs so much better.

    Also another thing I noticed about the Skin ID line is there is no SUNSCREEN?
    my doctor and all the derms I saw always tell me to use a sunscreen when out during the day.
    I use Colorescience powder mineral sunscreen, Jane iredale is also really good, but you can find a lot of other mineral sunscreens that are good too.

    I actually do not have a lot of blemishes- just 2 that seem to be quite stubborn. I’m sure if I did not use anything my skin would be so much worse!

  • Jade commented on August 2, 2012

    okay.. so im getting ready to turn 16 in twenty-eight days.. and my acne’s bad.. i have everytype of acne imaginable.. ive tried literally everything and NOTHING worked.. i dont reccomend proactiv to anyone with severe acne for it will only make it worse. i’ve had acne since i was ten years old and am still looking for something that will work.. and for about three years i was actually on medication for it.. but my body became immune to it and so now i cant use it. im hoping to try skin id simply because its like the only thing left i havent tried.. keep your fingers crossed for me!! i hope it works :)

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